High-performance inspection

Sterblue develops inspection solutions for power lines, onshore and offshore wind turbines. Our solutions package together efficient UAV configurations, advanced navigation technologies, automatic defect detection and deep business knowledge !

  • Automated

    Our inspection solutions use specific navigation algorithms that automatically adapt to the physical layout of the structures to inspect as well as application-specific constraints.

  • Efficient

    Our UAVs are designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind, resulting in long ranges and flight times that offer the flexibility your inspections need.

  • Operational

    Each mission is performed using the specific set of sensors that are adapted to your domain, providing the data you need to ensure a perfect diagnosis.

  • Smart

    Our data processing solutions are built using state of the art artificial intelligence techniques, providing the precise insights you need, in the cloud.


Sterblue focuses on providing the best solutions to the renewable energy sector

onshore wind turbine

Onshore wind power

The path planning and detection algorithms developped at Sterblue allow fast, automated and exhaustive visual inspection of wind turbine structure.

offshore wind turbine

Offshore wind power

Our long-endurance UAVs allow automated inspection of Wind Farms, up to 25km offshore.

power lines

Power lines

Sterblue develops state-of-the art detection algorithms that allows assessment of the structural health of power line pylons and equipment, including corrosion, wear, paint defects and electrical anomalies.

Award-winning solutions

Our approach has been praised and awarded several prizes


Selected and supported by French Ministry of Ecology

audacity awards 2015

1st Prize at Audacity Awards 2015 in the greentech category

coup de pouce 2015

1st Prize at Challenge Coup de Pouce 2015 Region Ouest

enac avico 2015
mines de nantesatlanpole

Supported and hosted by École des Mines de Nantes and Atlanpole

reseau entreprendre

Selected and supported by Réseau entreprendre atlantique

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