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Sterblue releases a product trial for everyone who wishes to test its software solution for wind turbines in Q3 2020!

Sterblue is going live! In Q3 2020, we are publicly releasing a trial of our software solution for wind turbines, so that you can test the different features and capabilities! Distribution grid, transmission grid and other use cases will follow right after. Sign Up Here!

At Sterblue we build the central platform for automatic infrastructure inspections, using off-the-shelf drones and artificial intelligence. From data capture to data analysis, we cover the whole inspection process in one streamlined interface. 

Sterblue makes large scale operations look simple. With our brand new remote training for drone pilots, all you need is an off-the-shelf drone (ideally DJI) and an iPad to deploy Sterblue Mobile on the field. Thanks to our 3D automatic flight mode, the weight on pilot’s shoulders becomes much lighter!

Once the inspection is done, you just need to upload the resulting images to the Sterblue Cloud and we do the rest! The pictures are automatically sorted and analyzed to provide you with actionable reports and dashboards for asset health and integrity management.

Since 2016, Sterblue has built a foundation of trust with more than 25 customers spread across 16 different countries. Thanks to our teams in France, Portugal and the US, our product has reached a level of maturity that allows Sterblue to scale production, while remaining flexible and customizable to meet our customers’ specifications. 

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