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Sterblue software helping companies to continue drone inspections during COVID-19

At Sterblue we build a cloud-based software that provides the centralized data management platform for energy infrastructure inspections. During the COVID-19 restrictions, many of our customers have been able to conduct their own inspections by using our automatic flight mobile app (for wind turbines and power lines), which is compatible with off-the-shelf drones and the iPad.

“Our software has allowed for companies around the world to continue on with inspections during these difficult times, while still practicing social distancing - which is the most important.” Geoffrey Vancassel, Sterblue CEO

Each of Sterblue’s automatic flight solutions only requires one trained pilot on field in order to inspect wind turbines and power lines automatically. Once the images are captured, they are uploaded to the Sterblue Cloud where they are automatically sorted by asset using GIS information provided by the drone.

“Our ability to sort images automatically on an asset-by-asset basis is extremely valuable when talking about scalability. Imagine inspecting hundreds of wind turbines or thousands of distribution poles and needing to manually sort 50,000 images into individual folders pole-by-pole. It is extremely difficult and time consuming.” Geoffrey Vancassel, Sterblue CEO

Once the images are uploaded and automatically sorted, they are analyzed by a combination of artificial intelligence algorithms and human experts to ensure the final inspection reports are delivered accurately and efficiently on the Sterblue Cloud.

And there's more: Sterblue has also begun to manage data outside of drone imagery.

“As we continue to grow and mature, we are now truly a centralized data management platform for energy infrastructure inspections. We are beginning to house many other forms of data like lidar, infrared, cell phone imagery, as well as certain internal images of assets (for example, images of wind turbine nacelle inspections).” Geoffrey Vancassel, Sterblue CEO

Sterblue was started in 2016 and is currently operating in 16 countries throughout the world with offices in France, Portugal, and the United States. If you want to know more about what we do please contact us here.

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