Inspect and analyse your infrastructure at the push of two buttons

Sterblue automates drone-based inspections!

The Sterblue Cloud is an industrial platform that automates industrial inspection. From automatic flight plan generation to processing and visualising data, it takes care of the whole value chain.


You only need to set a few simple geometric parameters in order to generate automatic 3D flight plans around your infrastructure. Once it's been saved, you can simply select your infrastructure the next time round (e.g. " Turbine 2" or "Section HTA 26").

Data Collection

Once the flight plan has been generated, the pilot presses " fly": the drone then takes off and starts collecting data automatically, taking its environment into account. The structured data collection that our technology provides enables you to establish a real industrial standard!

Processing Data

Once the data has been downloaded, our data processing algorithms support analysis experts in the pre-detection and industrial defect categorisation phases.


With its multiple user interfaces, the Sterblue Cloud offers ergonomic ways to visualise data, and enables you to track industrial assets effectively and rigorously.

Sterblue in 90 seconds

integrated solution that covers the whole process
productivity as compared to other drone solutions
accurate defect detection

Industrial Sterblue Apps

Sterblue has developped 4 industrial inspection applications for high and very high voltage grid, wind turbines and fences.


Pricing table

These prices are valid for the release of our beta version and in France (if you are outside France, no worries, contact us !). So what improvements will you see in the final release? Certainly more ways to automate both the Sterblue Cloud process and the data processing phases, to save you even more time!

If you would like to outsource your infrastructure inspections, we have a network of certified Sterblue operating partners that we can recommend. Please do get in touch!

How does it work ?

There are a number of players involved in the value chain for drone-based industrial inspection. We are pleased to be able to collaborate with all of them in a powerful ecosystem!

Frequently Asked Questions

You've probably got lots of questions about our solution - here are some answers!

The Team

Sterblue combines skills in web development, data science, embedded systems and software development. Oh yes - and we're all passionate about industry!

Geoffrey Vancassel


Nicolas Draber


Vincent Lecrubier


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