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Double the productivity of your inspections with our one click inspection platform

Simple automatic inspections


Upload data

You send us raw information about your infrastructures (lidar, type of infrastructures, etc.).


Generate flight plans

You can easily generate any complex 3D flight plans with our Perception tehnology. No need to be an expert here, you just need to know which infrastructure you want to inspect!



You click on the Fly button on the Sterblue App, flight and payload are then automatically managed. Once this is done, you upload every images on the Sterblue Cloud.



Your data is analyzed by job experts on the Sterblue Cloud, supported by specifically trained artificial intelligence algorithms.



Visualize directly the online inspection report and take the right decision for the future of your assets!

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Wind Energy

25 minutes flight without need to move the rotor0.5mm detectable defects

Electricity Distribution

30km inspected per dayDetect 120 class of defects

Electricity Transmission

40 towers inspected per day98% accuracy on defect detection

Solar Energy

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The automatic defect detection capabilities developed by Sterblue have impressed us a lot and this is something really valuable if we want to better monitor our grid infrastructure!

Sebastian Niestrath, SVP of Infrastructure Platform Ventures, Innogy Germany

The software platform make the inspections very quick and safe. We quite like that photos are collected consistently, in a prescribed order with minimal user input

Robert Farell, Wind Turbine O&M Engineer, ESB Group Ireland

The integrated solution developed by Sterblue is very impressive and will enable us to save large amount of time on our daily transmission and distribution grid inspections

Jean-Paul Beltrami, Director, African Techno Lab Ivory Coast

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