How to Automate Transmission Grid Inspections Using Drones and AI?

Transmission Grid

Learn why drones should be part of transmission towers inspection strategy

Watch Sterblue's first webinar on how to automate transmission grid inspections using drones and AI. Together with our partner American Electric Power we are happy to provide a live consultation with a real life feedback. You can also check our blog article here.

Here's what you can learn:

  • The market of transmission grid inspections
  • Comparison of the different solutions available
  • The role of drones in asset management
  • How to use Sterblue's drone software (including live demo)
  • AEP story
  • Q&A


Geoffrey Vancassel

Chief Executive Officer



Geoffrey is the Chief Executive Officer at Sterblue. Geoffrey studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and worked 3 years at Airbus in Saint-Nazaire as a Design Engineer. Since 2012 Geoffrey has been designing and manufacturing model aircrafts in many different projects. Geoffrey is passionated about energy related topics and how to deploy and scale industrial solutions in this space.

Nicolas Draber

Chief Operating Officer



Nicolas is the Chief Operations Officer of Sterblue. Nicolas studied in Toulouse France, home of Airbus. Nicolas worked 5 years as an aerospace engineer for Safran Group in Bangalore, India and Airbus Group in Hamburg, Germany. Nicolas role is now, together with his team, to deploy Sterblue solution to its customers literally all around the world.

Vincent Lecrubier

Chief Technical Officer



Vincent is the Chief Technical Officer of Sterblue. Vincent did his studies in Toulouse, France, home of Airbus, and has a PhD in Computer Science and is an Aerospace Engineer. He has been researching remote sensing technology for more than 5 years, and creating aerospace software since 2010. Since building his first UAV 10 years ago, Vincent has used artificial intelligence and drone data to create state-of-the-art remote inspection systems and cloud based software.

Kelby Thoreson

Field Engineer

American Electric Power

Kelby is a Field Engineer at AEP within the Transmission Line Technical Services Department. Kelby also supports the field personnel with engineering insight and expertise.