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Website Update: Sterblue, the Central Platform for Industrial Inspections

As Sterblue's story and mission evolve, so does our website. Today we have some changes to introduce to you (soon more to come)! So before getting lost exploring Sterblue updated website, keep reading to understand the drivers of this restructuring process.

Since Sterblue was founded, back in 2016, a lot has changed. At a very early stage of the company, we were building custom drone hardware, whereas today we can call ourselves a pure software company, backed up by training, deployment and support services. During the past 4 years, we’ve been side by side with our customers, inspecting thousands of infrastructures, establishing solid relationships and understanding where the market is heading and what are the pain points and needs that have to be addressed. We’ve learned from the experience.

Today Sterblue is proud to be recognized by our customers as the central platform for industrial inspections. Energy and utility companies can manage their entire infrastructure inspection process from one single interface and increase overall productivity with the help of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Sterblue platform can process images from multiple sources (drone, helicopter, smartphone, satellite) and output insightful information and analytics in several formats.

When visiting our updated website, you can navigate through 3 levels of information: starting from the type of industrial asset, going to the different use cases, and finalizing with a variety of steps to put them into action with Sterblue products.

We approach the market on a vertical by vertical basis. Each structure, either wind turbine, distribution pole, transmission or cooling tower has its own specificalities and we want to master them all before moving to the next. This is specially relevant when training our dedicated AI tool, modelling the 3D digital twin or computing the automatic flight trajectory. Below, you can find the 4 industrial applications we are currently showcasing on our website, although expect new structures to be announced soon!

1st Level of Information: Industrial Applications

On the other hand, there are common use cases when it comes to managing these infrastructures. Accounting for missing inventory, keeping track of the asset health, controlling vegetation in proximity to power lines, performing emergency inspections in case of an incident or taking management decisions based on a digital twin are just a few examples that you can find when navigating inside the page of each industrial application.

2nd Level of Information: Use Cases (example on distribution grid)

The Sterblue Team invests on state of the art technology to develop a solution capable of adapting to different types of assets, customer workflows and internal organization models, as well as a constantly growing and fast changing industry. From data capture to data analysis, we cover all the necessary steps to provide a modern, cost-effective, safe and efficient inspection process. To do so, we create tools that are applicable to a large range of use cases and that can be centrally managed on Sterblue platform.

3rd Level of Information: Business Steps  (example on wind turbine)

With these structural changes to Sterblue website, we aim to give visibility to the different applications of our products from a customer point of view. If you are interested in a deeper explanation of Sterblue technologies, you can also dive into Sterblue Labs, our open-source and open engineering initiative.

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