Cooling Tower

Improve drastically the integrity of your cooling tower by digitizing the whole inspection workflow with Sterblue streamlined platform

The optimal solution

It has never been easier to work with a combined software and hardware solution. Sterblue manages everything for you. The most integrated software solution is ready to roll in a single click.


Software Solution

Integrating the entire value chain

Sources of Imagery

Helicopter, drone, smartphone, satellite images managed

Productivity Ensured

Thanks to Sterblue platform powered by artificial intelligence

"Sterblue automated flight software allows me to be as efficient as possible, while also feeling secure in my flight path from start to finish."

Andrew Haskins, Managing Partner, National Drone Pros
Get started

How to Get Started with Sterblue

Enterprise SaaS: Run your internal inspection program
  • Build a strategic inspection and data program using Sterblue integrated platform with a “pay-as-you-use” pricing model.  
  • We help you organize and train your teams to monitor your cooling towers autonomously
Full Scope Inspection: Delegate your inspection program to Sterblue
  • Focus on managing what matters to you, while Sterblue runs the inspections
  • Have a 360° vision of your assets' integrity and plan the right maintenance & investment actions
Hybrid Model: Switch gradually to an internal inspection program
  • Use Sterblue Full Scope Inspection service while planning your strategic inspection and data program with your teams
  • We support you during the transition phase with our internal experts and network of partners