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What gathers us at Sterblue

Article first published on June 11st, 2019.

Sterblue was created in early 2016 and we have never written down before what makes people gather every single day with the same passion! Better late than never. Working on something “cool” is nice to have. Making people’s lives thrive is another challenge! In January 2019, during our annual team building in the Pyreneans, we worked on the Sterblue core values.

During more than two hours of intense discussions with the team, we discussed the essence of Sterblue and here is what was released with Beekast to support our discussion (our friends from Nantes):

White board with cloud of words like surf, innovation, ambition

Nacho (Sterblue employee #001) hacked the game adding a strong weight on his passion for surfing. Fair enough. ;)

After fixing the rules, and even more debate, here is what we came up with:


With no compromise, and without trying to fit with every single person, we have extracted 4 core values that gather us at Sterblue. These values only exist because we ALL embody it. And we have tried to illustrate it with a few real-life examples.

1 . Be Bold: Take up challenges with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“For the first year at Sterblue, we designed and built our own drone (3m span tilt-rotor); we made dozens of iterations, test flights, crashes, and improvements in the French countryside to finally make it work” Ignacio Carnicero, Lead Mobile Engineer
“We have almost inspected as many infrastructures under client contract as we have by ourselves in order to build our software as fast as possible!” Geoffrey Vancassel, CEO

2 . Be Smart: Be pragmatic and resourceful to find solutions and make progress.

“When I started at Sterblue, I was a Robotics and Mechanical engineer. I finally learned web development with React-JS and ended up building Sterblue Cloud” Hugo Raynal, Lead Front End Engineer
“We worked with Tensorflow, 2 months after its release” Vincent Lecrubier, CTO

3 . Exceed expectations: Always do your best, for our customers and for our planet.

“We released the first AI in production for utilities at a national level” Ouail Bendidi, Data Scientist
“Our cloud has been called by a client: the Iphone of industrial inspection” Vincent Lecrubier, CTO

4 . Play as a team: We can always get better, both collectively and individually by helping and challenging each other .

“We have lived together in a flat in San Francisco for 4 months” Yanis Telaoumaten, Lead Tech Engineer
“We go surfing together on the weekends” Etienne Dupont, Drone AI Engineer
“Engineers are involved in meetings with the customers and help to convince them on the capabilities of the Sterblue solution”  Ignacio Carnicero, Lead Mobile Engineer
“When I arrived on the team, I was positively surprised that I could ask questions to everyone. Everyone was available and willing to help me” Marie Hélène Rots, Front-End Developer

You can discover more details on the Sterblue core values here.

Stay tuned, we will keep posting on how we make these values live on a day-to-day basis and in our hiring process!