Artificial Intelligence for Distribution Grid Equipment Detection: Live Demonstration

Learn how capturing good data and having a trained AI tool can help enhancing distribution grid inspections

See Sterblue's AI tool in action on a sample of images captured during an inspection to the distribution network of our customer Enedis. These images were processed live, while the audience learned some AI basic notions and how capturing good data can help enhancing industrial inspections. Here is the agenda:

  • Quick introduction
  • Uploading Pictures with Sterblue: Live Demo
  • Enedis Story
  • Capturing Good Data & AI Basic Notions
  • Sterblue’s AI: Live Results
  • Deploying Sterblue’s AI & Generating Actionable Analytics
  • Q&A

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Geoffrey Vancassel

Chief Executive Officer



Geoffrey is the Chief Executive Officer at Sterblue. Geoffrey studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and worked 3 years at Airbus in Saint-Nazaire as a Design Engineer. Since 2012 Geoffrey has been designing and manufacturing model aircrafts in many different projects. Geoffrey is passionated about energy related topics and how to deploy and scale industrial solutions in this space.

Vincent Lecrubier

Chief Technical Officer



Vincent is the Chief Technical Officer of Sterblue. Vincent did his studies in Toulouse, France, home of Airbus, and has a PhD in Computer Science and is an Aerospace Engineer. He has been researching remote sensing technology for more than 5 years, and creating aerospace software since 2010. Since building his first UAV 10 years ago, Vincent has used artificial intelligence and drone data to create state-of-the-art remote inspection systems and cloud based software.

Ouail Bendidi

Data Scientist


Ouail joined Sterblue in 2017 and has built several AI models to automate the detection of equipment and defects on complex use cases for different customers.

Philippe Tuloup

Head of Maintenance Department, Pays de la Loire Region


Philippe is the Head of Maintenance Department of Enedis Pays de la Loire. Enedis is the company responsible for managing the distribution network of public electricity for 95% of continental France.