Vegetation Management


Transmission Grid

Assess vegetation around towers with a combined approach using drone and satellite imagery



Get a high level assessment with satellite analysis

  • Vizualize your transmission network and the vegetation around it on satellite imagery in Sterblue World interface
  • Get alerts when a minimum distance threshold is reached with a 50cm resolution
  • Export the results in any GIS standard format



Refine the analysis by capturing high resolution pictures with drones

  • Manage large vegetation management campaigns
  • Capture data faster with Sterblue Mobile App and off-the-shelf drones on sensitive areas detected by satellite



Manage millions of images

  • Track the vegetation campaign progress
  • Upload images from multiple sources (helicopter, drone, smartphone) in Sterblue Smart Uploader
  • Get every image sorted and organized automatically



Build actionable information

  • Visualize a combination of satellite and drone 3D photogrammetry models on one single interface
  • Extract reports to plan your trimming campaign and update your GIS with accurate data
Transmission Grid

Supported Use Cases