Transmission Grid Inspections

Sterblue inspects transmission grids faster with drones and artificial intelligence.

Discover what we can do for you and learn about our projects with some major transmission grid operators.

Transmission grid inspections are essential

They ensure a reliable power supply, and minimise safety and environmental risks caused by faulty equipment.

Sterblue Software

Your whole inspection process is automated -check out the Sterblue App & Sterblue Cloud!

Sterblue at the Rescue!

It guides drones along trajectories that wrap tightly around structures, finds anomalies from the collected images, and outputs reports.

Sterblue Operations

Your transmission grids are inspected by certified Sterblue drone pilots - globally!

How Sterblue helped American Electric Power

Learn more about our software and service and compare all features side-by-side.

The Optimal Solution

It has never been that easy to work with a combined software and hardware solution. Sterblue manages everything for you. The best solution is ready to roll in a single click.



50 towers per day


Automatic detection as powerful as human experts


Integrating the entire value chain

Many countries, One challenge

More than 30 millions km of transmission lines provide high voltage electricity to the world.

The pains keep homogeneous: Reaching a better condition monitoring of the grid and anticipate any failure to prevent power outages.


Safety & Productivity

To find anomalies on their electrical transmission network, our customers (CLP, AEP, CIE, etc.) are looking for a solution which is effective, accurate and safe to perform.

The inspection methodology should bring a really specific image acquisition methodology flying regularly along the 4 edges of each tower while keeping a good daily productivity. Requirements on defect detection are also really high. Any defect missed can bring some serious risk for the tower health.


Deploying Sterblue in every continent skies

Our customers selected Sterblue for applying

● an AI software solution for fully automated inspections
● some training on field to the Sterblue software
● inspections on field

We have deployed our solution from Hong-Kong to the US going through Belgium and Ivory Coast.


Actionable Results for a Recent Customer

50 transmission towers inspected
3000+ images collected
2 drone pilots trained to the Sterblue App
487 defects detected

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One Integrated Solution



Fly off-the-shelf drone automatically, using the Sterblue App.


Analyze your data with technical experts and Artificial IntelIigence algorithms on the Sterblue Cloud.



Monitor your distribution grid conditions with some inspection report (PDF, CSV, HTML) and dashboards.

Join Our Happy Customers

Since 2017, we inspected hundreds of transmission towers across 6 countries.

The integrated solution developed by Sterblue is very impressive and will enable us to save a large amount of time on our daily transmission and distribution grid inspections.

Jean-Paul Beltrami
Director African Techno Lab
Compagnie Ivoirienne d’Electricité (Ivory Coast)

The automatic defect detection capabilities developed by Sterblue have impressed us a lot and this is something really valuable if we want to better monitor our grid infrastructure!

Sebastian Niestrath
SVP of Infrastructure Platform Venues
Innogy (Germany)

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