Wind Turbine Inspections

Sterblue inspects wind turbines faster with drones and artificial intelligence.

Discover what we can do for you and learn about our project with wind turbine inspection service provider Winward in Chengdu, China.

Blade Inspection is an  Industrial Challenge

For safety and insurance reasons, it is essential to monitor your wind farm performance, or make sure you have an accurate history of your assets for the next ten years.

Sterblue Software

Your whole inspection process is automated - check out the Sterblue App & Sterblue Cloud!

Sterblue at the Rescue!

It guides drones along trajectories that wrap tightly around structures, finds anomalies from the collected images, and outputs reports.

Sterblue Operations

Your wind turbines are inspected by certified Sterblue drone pilots - globally!

How Sterblue helped Winward

Learn more about our software and service and compare all features side-by-side.

The Optimal Solution

It has never been that easy to work with a combined software and hardware solution. Sterblue manages everything for you. The best solution is ready to roll in a single click.



Only 30 minutes production downtime


Automatic detection as powerful as human experts


Integrating the entire value chain

China Leading Wind Energy Market

Having an installed wind power capacity of more than 216 GW, China is leading the globe in wind energy production. It is currently owning one third of the world’s installed wind power capacities, and expected to reach 1.3 TW of wind power by 2050!

Renewable energies such as wind power are important for China to provide a clean, competitive and infinite source of energy, and to reduce foreign energy dependencies.


Precision & Productivity

To further grow and assert its business, Winward was seeking for the most efficient way to carry out wind turbine inspections for their customers.

They needed a solution that is accurate, time- and cost-effective, and safe to perform.

The solution should be intuitive, for drone pilots easy to get familiar with. Also, it should be adapted to the Chinese market, including having software and services available in Chinese.


One Week On Site

Winward selected Sterblue for applying

an AI software solution for fully    automated inspections
● a training on field for Winward    drone pilots
● the inspection of 25 wind turbines

After three days of training and three days of inspections, the team completed the mission successfully.


Actionable Insights

● Sterblue adapted to the Chinese market
1,120 anomalies detected
● Winward is now ready to operate with the Sterblue App and to train new drone pilots

Our vision is to jointly inspect up to 3,000 wind turbines within one year!

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One Integrated Solution



Fly off-the-shelf drone automatically, using the Sterblue App.


Analyze your data with blade experts and Artificial IntelIigence algorithms on the Sterblue Cloud.



Monitor your blade conditions with some inspection report (PDF, CSV, HTML) and dashboards.

Join Our Happy Customers

Since 2017, we inspected hundreds of blades across six countries.

The software platform makes the inspections very quick and safe. We like that photos are collected consistently, in a prescribed order with minimal user input.

Robert Farell
Wind Turbine O&M Engineer
ESB Group (Ireland)

Using Sterblue's inspection solution, our team is able (...) to generate adequate inspection reports. Thanks to Sterblue for bringing the service to China!

Ruju Liu
General Manager
Winward (China)

It was great to see the Sterblue technology at work. I was impressed with their efficiency at each turbine and the quality of photos in the report. I look forward to working with them again.

Derrick Stogsdill
Pronto Solutions (Texas, US)

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