Inventory Management


Distribution Grid

Feed your GIS with accurate and rich information about your distribution grid



Upload data you may have on your grid

  • Upload grid data even if not accurate (2D axes, 3D lidar, background maps, etc)
  • Get your distribution network modelled automatically
  • Manage your assets according to your internal organization



Scale up your inventory campaign

  • Manage large inventory campaigns
  • Assign work zones to your teams
  • Inspect faster with Sterblue Mobile App and off-the-shelf drones



Manage millions of images

  • Track inventory campaign progress
  • Upload images from multiple sources (helicopter, drone, smartphone) on Sterblue Smart Uploader
  • Get every image sorted and organized automatically



Build actionable information

  • Detect automatically equipment types (insulator, transformer, wooden pole, etc.) thanks to Sterblue AI tool dedicated to distribution grid
  • Visualize the equipment inventory per pole or for the complete network
  • Review the analysis in Sterblue Labelling tool



Take the right decision with customizable dashboards

  • Display only the data you need using smart filters
  • Output multiple reports (PDF, CSV, KML, etc) and share them with your teams
  • Connect Sterblue to your industrial ecosystem (Sterblue API, Zapier, SAP, etc)
  • Update your GIS with accurate and rich information
Distribution Grid

Supported Use Cases