Live Inspection


Distribution Grid

Access live reports for a faster response to incidents on your distribution network



Turn on DJI drones & Sterblue Mobile App

  • Fly above your poles and track the video stream



Spot hazards and defects

  • Flag key hazards (line down, branch on the line, etc.) with our smart defect feature directly in Sterblue Mobile App
  • Add specific defects to the App



Share accurate & live information with your team wherever they are

  • Vizualize the anomalies directly on Sterblue Cloud platform (anomaly type, criticality level, GPS location)
  • Send text messages automatically or interact with your internal ecosystem thanks to Zapier



Fix hazards faster

  • Your maintenance team benefits from accurate information right away
  • No need to move back and forth in the field
  • Power outages and dangers are limited to the minimum
Distribution Grid

Supported Use Cases